Libyan Desert Glass Meteorite #1

Libyan Desert Glass Meteorite #1

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If you're looking to increase your meteorite collection, Lybian Desert Glass is a rare and beautiful meteorite impact glass found at the Libyan/Egyptian border and is no longer allowed to be collected, available for sale are only old batches. This meteorite is definitely going to run out of circulation soon. King Tut owned a Libyan Desert Glass carved jewel, a scarab, on his breastplate. Formed around 29 million years ago, the impact glass is nearly pure silica, which requires temperatures over 1600 degrees celsius to form, and that is hotter than any lava on Earth. You can find rare high-temperature minerals in its composition like cristobalite and zirconia.

Benefits of Libyan Desert Glass:

  • resonates with the energy of the Sun
  • cleanses and activates the solar plexus
  • connects you with cosmic wisdom
  • promotes grounding
  • great tool during energy healing sessions
  • excellent for spiritual practices

Note: You will receive a Lybian Desert Glass meteorite similar to the image posted, they all have unique shapes and sizes.

Approximate size 1 inch.

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