Sodalite Tower - large
Sodalite Tower - large

Sodalite Tower - large

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Sodalite is known for promoting restful sleep and relaxation and warding off nightmares and night terrors. Placing a Sodalite Tower in your bedroom will bring you peaceful nights and protection. Sodalite's frequency keeps the mind and body grounded, anchoring you in the present moment. That is why it's an excellent stone for meditation, putting some order in your thoughts, and reconnecting with your inner guidance.

The benefits of the Sodalite Tower::

  • instills a sense of calmness
  • helps with trusting intuition
  • increases spiritual perception
  • promotes self-acceptance
  • balances emotions
  • improves decision-making abilities
  • boosts self-esteem
  • helps with accepting change
  • deepens wisdom
  • calms panic attacks
What does a blue Sodalite crystal symbolize?

The blue Sodalite creates profound thoughts in the person owning this crystal. Its deep blue and indigo colors represent respect, logic, a balanced mind, and honesty.

The crystal is often considered the protector of heroes and heroines with a strong drive for truth and fairness.

With what crystal should I pair a Sodalite Tower?

If you wish for a soothing and gentle combination, you can pair the Sodalite Tower crystal with a piece of Amethyst.

This pair is one for the mind and emotions; while Sodalite is great for getting rid of confusion, enhancing logical thinking, and facilitating communication, the Amethyst crystal will help you attune to your emotions and keep a sense of calmness.

Can a Sodalite Tower be exposed to water?

The Sodalite Tower will survive water exposure, but it is better not to wet the stone. On the Mohs Scale, Sodalite has a value of 5.5-6. That is above the minimum value required for crystals not to be damaged underwater. But remember that exposing the Sodalite Tower to water for more time can dull its surface and damage it.

Note: All Sodalite Towers are unique; there are no two alike. You will receive one Sodalite Tower that is similar to the one in the images posted.

Size: approximately 7.25x1.5 inches.

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