Small Flat Selenite Flower of Life

Small Flat Selenite Flower of Life

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Size approximately 3x0.25 inches (like a coaster).

Selenite is a great protector from unwanted negative influences and brings high vibrations, purity, harmony, and peace. You can place it in the corner of a room to clear the air and get rid of stagnant energies. It can be used to recharge and clean your jewelry or other crystals, overnight. Place your selenite near the front door to protect your home from incoming negative energies.

Raw selenite can:

  • bring positive energy
  • keep us moving forward
  • unblock stagnant energy
  • assist in connecting with angels
  • be a great aid in spiritual practice
  • amplify other crystals' energy
  • dispel negative energy
  • shield from unwanted influences
  • clear the aura
  • eliminate anger and anxiety
  • bring mental clarity
  • clear the higher chakras
  • bring peace and comfort
  • eliminate negative emotions
  • be combined with other crystals
  • amplify the desired intention
  • clear blockages in the etheric body
  • relieve stress and anxiety
  • be soothing
  • create a peaceful space
  • help see the bigger picture
  • be an excellent aid in spiritual work
  • heal and repair on a cellular level
  • soothe pain
  • strengthen the memory
  • activate the crown chakra
  • link us to the Divine
  • help us connect to the universe
  • awaken our telepathic ability
  • eliminate mental confusion
  • give us deeper insight into our true nature
  • help us connect with our higher consciousness

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