Quartz Slice #4
Quartz Slice #4

Quartz Slice #4

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This crystal Quartz Slice will amplify the healing energy in your life, bring balance to your mind, heart, and body, and enhance positive emotions. It will purify and renew the energies you carry and ward off negative energies you may interact with.

Clear Quartz is often used for meditation and spiritual guidance, reducing pain and bringing clarity of mind.

The benefits of the Quartz Slice:

  • expands consciousness
  • filters out negative energy
  • brings vitality and prosperity
  • amplifies positive moods
  • recalibrates on a spiritual level
  • carries healing energy
  • assists with manifestation
  • activates Chakras
  • amplifies other stones' energies
Clear Quartz healing benefits:

Clear Quartz is considered a master healer. On a physical level, it can boost the immune system, clear the body of toxins, reduce pain, and helps you stay connected to your body.

On the emotional or mental level, Clear Quartz heals past trauma, helps deal with difficult emotions and anxiety, and creates more clarity around your desires.

Quartz crystal spiritual benefits:

Quartz enhances spiritual development and wisdom and can channel one's energy in manifestation work. It can also be used in deep meditation, connecting to your higher self, and encouraging introspection.

Note: You will receive the Quartz Slice Crystal posted in the image.

Size: approximately 10x9x1 inches.

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