Quartz Slice #2
Quartz Slice #2

Quartz Slice #2

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This crystal Quartz Slice will amplify the healing energy in your environment. It's also a great harmonizer, balancing emotions and bringing clarity and focus. On a physical level, it is said to reduce pain, boost metabolism, and clear the body of toxins.

Clear Quartz is a powerful purifier that wards off harmful energies, which makes it the perfect stone for people sensitive to others' energies. Used in meditation or spiritual work, it can bring guidance, connection with the self, and clarity around desires.

The beneficial uses of the Quartz Slice:

  • encourages introspection
  • deepens meditation
  • protects from negative energy
  • boosts and heals your energy
  • brings positivity
  • supports spiritual development
  • heals on all levels
  • helps with manifestation
  • amplifies other stones' energies

Note: You will receive the Quartz Slice Crystal posted in the image.

Size: approximately 10x9x1 inches.

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