Large Velvet Fluorite Druzy Tower

Large Velvet Fluorite Druzy Tower

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Approximately 9.5x3x2 inches.

Note: you will receive the crystal posted in the image.

Velvet Fluorite (Fluorite and Barite Minerals) is also known as Silky Fluorite. It is the perfect gift to place in your meditation corner on your yoga mat. This beautiful stone has a magical internal structure of perfection that creates a frequency that clears the mind. Allow its powerful cleansing and purifying nature to radiate in all directions throughout your home or any room. The point of the tower can provide more focused energy flow. The direction toward the point is, that’s where the energy flows.

The Velvet Fluorite:

  • increases feminine energy
  • brings clarity and positive decision-making
  • enhances intuition
  • raises psychic awareness and ability
  • opens up the third eye and crown chakra
  • brings ability to concentrate
  • is ideal for purification
  • deepens spiritual practice
  • clears confusion, unhealthy thoughts and negativity
  • enhances creativity
  • clears energy fields
  • increases life-force
  • balances the brain's hemispheres
  • helps one to see the reality and the truth behind the illusion
  • is great for protection against disease
  • brings optimism
  • promotes spiritual growth
  • caries a calm stable frequency
  • enhances mental acuity

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