Labradorite in Resin Flat Plate

Labradorite in Resin Flat Plate

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Size: approximately 4.5 inches wide.

Labradorite is considered the protector stone. It protects us by creating a barrier around our aura and strengthening our own positive energies. It can also shield against negative energy. This beautiful, colorful stone is one of the most popular healing stones, the perfect aid for self-discovery and for getting in touch with our higher self. We should carry labradorite with us at all times because it brings out the best in everyone.


  • has the ability to clean the aura
  • brings strength
  • protects and balances our energies
  • raises consciousness
  • is grounding
  • brings confidence in our own intuition
  • is preventing unnecessary loss of energy
  • protects our etheric body
  • brings good luck
  • is a crystal of shamans
  • encourages courtesy
  • lowers blood pressure
  • enhances mental abilities
  • is a stone for healers
  • amplifies awareness
  • connects us with the energy of light
  • protects against negativity
  • amplifies psychic abilities
  • helps tap into the future or past
  • awakens clairvoyance
  • amplifies telepathy
  • brings intuitive wisdom
  • brings contemplation and introspection
  • relieves stress
  • calms the mind
  • regulates metabolism
  • reduces anti-social, reckless behavior
  • has a powerful detoxifying effect
  • may assist in respiratory health issues
  • helps clear all the chakras
  • helps discover our true purpose
  • stimulates inner awareness
  • is useful when we go through change
  • has a soothing effect for PMS symptoms
  • can be used in the treatment of brain disorders
  • assists in better communication with angels and spirit guides

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