Gift Set Variety #2
Gift Set Variety #2

Gift Set Variety #2

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Get ready for a delightful surprise with our unique gift sets! These gift sets make it easy to shop for others or treat yourself. Uncover the treasures inside: an Aragonite plate and two raw crystals for an energy boost, smudging tools like sage or Palo Santo, a cozy tea light for warm vibes, a gemstone bracelet to carry the good vibes anywhere you go, a cute matchbox, and a selenite crystal for cleansing. With each set different from the last, it’s like a magical mystery tour through a world of diverse treasures!

The Gift Set includes:

  • White wooden box with moon/sun sticker
  • Aragonite plate
  • 2 Raw Crystals
  • White Sage Bundle or Palo Santo for smudging
  • A tea light candle
  • Medium Raw Selenite Crystal
  • Matchbox
  • Gemstone Bracelet
  • Uniqueness in each set!

Note: Note: All Sets Vary and there are no two alike. You will receive 1 Set similar to the one in this image.

Do not leave your smudging items or candles unattended while burning.

California White Sage sourced sustainably from the San Diego area.

Box Size: 6.25x4.25x3.5 inches.

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