Empowered Goddess Kit - Self Love

Empowered Goddess Kit - Self Love

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From the maker: 

This ritual kit is focused on heart chakra. This kit is to empower you to choose yourself and to discover the journey of Self love.

Releases Self Criticism, Helps with Self Honesty, Promotes Healing from the past,
This ritual is to EMPOWER you to choose yourself and to truly SHINE from the inside out.

With this ritual you will soak in SHINE Healing Crystal Salt Soak for a 20-30 minute bath soak.  This custom salt blend was created by Dannie Huggs so that we can release self hate, call in insight and inner truth, and courage to love self. During this soaking time,  hold the amazing rhodonite Healing Crystal.  This powerful crystal helps with dispelling wounds and scares from the past while healing emotions and old hurt and promoting RADICAL SELF LOVE.

After your bath, rinse off and spray yourself with the Reiki infused essential oil Mist SELF LOVE that will raise your vibrations and give you the power to continue the ritual of  RADICAL SELF LOVE.   The aroma of rose and ylang ylang will activate that inner child and promote deep emotional healing. 

Then take some time for mediation with the SELF COMPASSION candle. You will burn the candle and watch the flame go all the way down. During this time pull in the energy of self compassion and self love into your body, into your heart, into your soul. 

Continue to carry the rhodonite crystal with you everyday, holding it on the right side of your body. The right side of your body is your receiving side and this will help you to choose YOU and whats best for your HIGHEST SELF throughout the day.  

You can use the SELF LOVE spray all day long as well. This Mist will also help continue to empower you to practice Self Love daily.  


Here is what is in this kit:
  • Shine healing salt soak helps to release self criticism, Self doubt and any other negative energies that you hold In your mind or body memory. This blend opens up space for you To find your inner truth, boosting you with the courage to embrace who you came here to be. Use salts for a bath soak or foot soak.
  • Self love reiki mist will raise your vibrations and give you the power to continue the ritual of radical self love.
  • Rhodonite is a powerful healing crystal that will help heal emotional wounds and scars from the past while promoting radical self love and acceptance. There is so much healing in this crystal!
  • Purple compassion candle & votive will be used during your ritual to call in self compassion and self love into your heart and soul.


Mist:  Ylang Ylang, Rose, and other high vibrational essential oils

Bath Soak: Clary Sage, Tangerine, Orange, and other high vibrational essential oils

Made in USA

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