Balanced Bachelorette Gift Set - Love & Harmony

Balanced Bachelorette Gift Set - Love & Harmony

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The Balanced Bachelorette Gift Set Love & Harmony helps bachelorettes relax and find harmony after the stress of planning their big day. It's a perfect kit to gift for a bachelorette party; its energy will keep the negative vibes away and infuse the aura with love and harmony. This special set contains:

  • 1 Dragon Blood resin tin candle, handmade with soy wax, Dragon's Blood resin scented, sage oil, and sage leaves.
  • 1 ethically sourced, custom lavender white sage bundle with a selenite crystal.
  • 1 amethyst crystal bracelet for releasing tension in the body and mind.
  • 1 amethyst geode heart for the harmony and love of the future married couple.
  • 1 fire agate tumbled stone to protect from toxic energy and enhance passion.
  • 1 red tiger eye tumbled crystal, for energy that brings love and sensuality.
  • 1 red aventurine tumbled stone for balancing male and female energies.
  • 1 raw red tourmaline crystal for security and commitment.

The benefits of the Balanced Bachelorette Gift Set Love & Harmony:

  • wards off negative energy
  • strengthens connection
  • releases stress, anxiety, and tension
  • infuses aura with love and harmony
  • brings compassion
  • enhances intimacy
  • keeps the passion alive
  • encourages sensuality
  • supports kindness and understanding
  • enhances confidence and self-esteem

Note: All Balanced Bachelorette Gift Sets vary, and there are no two alike. You will receive 1 Balanced Bachelorette Gift Set similar to the one in this image.

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