Small Blue Tourmaline Pendant

Small Blue Tourmaline Pendant

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Blue Tourmaline is the rarest of tourmalines. It's a crystal of the throat and third eye chakras. A perfect tool for deep meditation, brings past emotions to the surface for healing. It encourages the liberation from emotional bonds and frees the mind to explore a higher consciousness. Blue Tourmaline is beneficial for the ability of clear and honest communication and supports the courage to speak from the heart.

Benefits of wearing the Blue Tourmaline pendant:

  • promotes living in harmony
  • increases access to higher levels of intuition
  • amplifies the psychic gifts
  • assists in processing impressions received from other realms
  • encourages a good night’s sleep
  • facilitates insightful dreams and vivid dream recall
  • helps to overcome speech impediments
  • provides protection
  • promotes peace and harmony
  • helps us feel calm and uplifted
  • encourages tolerance of differences
  • helps identify the causes of illnesses and diseases

Note: All crystals are unique, you will receive 1 pendant similar to the ones in the images posted.

Blue Tourmaline crystal size 0.5-0.75 inches.
Silver bail and sterling silver necklace approximately 16-18 inches.

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