Shungite Male Energy Pendant

Shungite Male Energy Pendant

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Shungite is a rare black stone with a unique composition; spherical carbon molecules and almost all minerals from the periodic table. Shungite pendants provide protection from Wi-Fi, TV, PC, Microwave ovens, cell phone towers, high voltage power lines, and EMFs of other devices. Shungite's ability to neutralize EMFs is based on its unique structure.

Benefits of wearing a Shungite Male Energy pendant:

  • activates Yang, male energies
  • energizes the chakras
  • cleanses the aura
  • clears energy blocks
  • brings grounding
  • neutralizes harmful EMFs
  • aids in spiritual healing
  • reduces oxidative stress
  • reduces inflammation

1.25x1.25 inches Male Energy pendant made of authentic Shungite ordered directly from the Russian mine with 60% carbon. Offers efficient protection against harmful EMFs.


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