Picture Jasper Bracelet

Picture Jasper Bracelet

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Picture Jasper is a delightful form of Brown Jasper that connects you to Mother Earth. Wear a Picture Jasper bracelet when you want to quit smoking, it helps to overcome the cravings and emotional triggers that perpetuate unhealthy habits. Because of its wide range of colors - brown, gold reddish-brown, black or ivory - it is one of the most popular stones for jewelry pieces.

Benefits of wearing a Picture Jasper bracelet:

  • helps to release repressed feelings
  • brings harmony
  • strengthens the immune system
  • cleanses the kidneys
  • protects during shamanic journeying
  • brings nurturing and protection
  • brings comfort
  • eases fear
  • activates the Root Chakra
  • activates the Third Eye Chakra
  • awakens a sense of proportion
  • increases creativity

Note: All Picture Jasper bracelets are unique and there are no two alike. You will receive a Picture Jasper bracelet similar to the one in this image. This bracelet will be an amazing addition to your gemstone bracelet collection. 

Picture Jasper bracelet:

  • The stretchy string starts at 7 inches measurement around the wrist and extends to 8 inches
  • 8mm bead size

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