Orthoceras Plate

Orthoceras Plate

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Orthoceras are extinct cephalopods that lived in all the Paleozoic oceans million years ago and were characterized by long, straight, conical shells and tentacles. Orthoceras ranged widely from the smallest (less than an inch) to the biggest (14 feet) specimens.

Orthoceras fossils have a wide distribution; these fossils occur in marine rocks, especially in limestones. Because of their hardness, Orthoceras fossils are excellent carving or sculpting material. These small Orthoceras plates are so versatile you can use them as soap, jewelry, key, or watch holders. You can also place small crystals rocks in them.

Orthoceras plates make perfect gifts and home decor elements, as they look fabulous displayed on your work desk, coffee table, or bookshelves.

Orthoceras plates displayed at home or in your office bring the following benefits:

  • bring stable grounding energies
  • help in stress relief
  • induce a state of calm and relaxation
  • create a safe environment and reduces anxiety
  • promote inner strength and self-confidence
  • enhance vitality
  • help in regeneration
  • promote evolution and transformation
  • activate the Root Chakra
  • facilitate the connection to ancient knowledge

Note: All Orthoceras plates are unique in their own way. There are no two alike. You will receive an Orthoceras plate similar to the ones in the image posted.

Approximately 4.4x3.5 inches

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