Moldavite Pendant Style #3

Moldavite Pendant Style #3

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Moldavite originated 15 million years ago, from the impact debris of a meteor striking the earths surface and water in the region of south Czech Republic. Moldavite is a much sought of stone for very high content of cosmic energy and gas enclosures of primary atmosphere. Moldavides are one of the highest frequency meteorite impact stone/glass ever found and it may take some energetical adjustment for your vibration to raise and connect with it. Moldavite will elevate your consciousness to new dimensional heights, opening a channel for receiving knowledge and wisdom. Often our mind will translate this information through dreams, deja vu, daily synchronicities and heightened intuition. Their purpose is to help you grow and direct your soul in the right direction. Through deep meditation you will be able to understand these experiences and sudden shifts.

Approximately 0.5-1 inches, silver plated wiring, sterling silver chain.

Note: All Pendants are unique in their own way, you will receive a pendant similar to the ones posted in the picture.

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