What makes crystal skulls so unique?

What makes crystal skulls unique is their amazing abilities to amplify one's thoughts, activate psychic abilities, and absorb or enhance energies. But crystal skulls are so much more. It is believed that they can connect various civilizations, allowing the user of the skull to access visions.

For thousands of years, crystal skulls have been used in rituals, ceremonies, and meditation sessions. From priests to shamans, wizards and druids, they all have used crystal skulls for their unique powers.

The most common uses for crystal skulls

Crystal skulls have various uses, depending on the natural stones they are made of. All-natural stones that grow deep within the earth have a tremendous amount of energy and innate healing powers. But, when these stones are carved into skulls their energies are increased. That is why, a crystal skull is not just a simple carved stone, but a powerful tool for intention, healing, consciousness, and energy.

Many people use crystal skulls to raise vibration and manifest intentions, but there are many other ways to benefit from their superpowers. Here are some common uses of crystal skulls:

  • Activate one's psychic or healing gifts
  • Elevate one's higher consciousness
  • Boost the spirituality and vibration of a crystal grid
  • Aid in cleansing the heart and mind
  • Aid in spiritual growth
  • Amplify one’s thoughts
  • Absorb, enhance, store and regulate energies
  • Open communication with spirit guides

Here are a few of the crystal skulls you can find in our shop and their powers: