What are the best uses for smudging sprays?

Using smudging sprays is a great way to use the protection and cleansing traditional smudging wherever you go. Using smudging sprays is an easy alternative to traditional smudging with smudging herbs and sticks. It makes it quite easy for you to incorporate cleansing rituals into everyday life. Smudging with sprays it's also the best alternative for those who are sensitive to smoke.

Whenever you feel to cleanse yourself, your home, or any item you use of negative energies you can use smudging sprays. It’s not only the simple smokeless alternative of smudging, it’s also easy to carry it throughout your day. Smudging sprays look like a body sprays, you can use them anywhere without attracting too much attention.

1. Cleansing with smudge sprays

Cleansing with smudging sprays will improve your overall well-being and give you a boost of positive energy. As you use the smudge spray, imagine any disturbing emotions thoughts falling away, then end the whole process by taking a few deep cleansing breaths.

1. We recommended using smudging sprays to cleanse yourself:

  • whenever you feel down or sluggish
  • during times of break-up or grief
  • after a stressful, challenging day
  • when you are in the company of individuals with negative energy
  • after you performed energy healing, massage, or Reiki sessions
  • before meditation, yoga, or manifestation rituals
  • anytime you wish

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2. Cleansing your home and workplace

Cleansing the negative energies in the space where you spend most of your time it’s important. Your home, workspace, your car, or any other place in which you spend most of your time can greatly benefit from smudging. If you work in the home office, a quick spritz of the smudging spray can make it easy to switch from work time to personal time.

When it's recommended to use smudging sprays to cleanse your home:

  • moving into a new home or apartment
  • children are afraid of monsters in their room
  • negative people have been in your home
  • something negative has happened in your home
  • cleansing a cab, limo, or party bus between clients
  • a smokeless alternative of cleansing your office

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3. Cleansing crystals and gemstone jewelry

If you have crystals and gemstone jewelry you probably know that your shiny stones need to be regularly cleansed as they absorb certain energies. Crystals and gemstone jewelry can store stagnant or negative energies. There are several effective crystal cleansing methods and one of the easiest is using a smudging spray. For a thorough cleanse, rinse your crystals under old running water, pat dry, then lightly spritz them with the smudge spray. Store your crystals and gemstone jewelry in clean places to keep them clean between uses. If you use crystals for meditation or healing sessions, spray them a few times before and after you use them.

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