What are the best uses for palm stones?

You can use palm stones for many purposes, including relaxation, energy boost, protection, and meditation. Holding a palm stone in your hand creates a strong connection between the stone's energy and your energy field or aura. Due to their oval or round shape, you can easily carry them in your purse or pocket to have them with you throughout your day. There are many ways to use palm stones; we've rounded up a list with the most common and effective ones. You can choose to integrate into your life the ones that fit your lifestyle. We also recommend a few palm stones for each category to make it easy to find the best stones for your needs.

Simple and effective ways to use your palm stones

1. Relaxation - these round-shaped stones are excellent natural tools for relaxation. Just holding an oval stone with calming vibe can bring you moments of stillness and tranquility. We recommend the following palm stones for relaxation:

2. Protection - certain stones have a protective vibe and can protect you from negative influences. By carrying palm stones with powerful protective energy or keeping them nearby makes it possible to be protected by negative energies, including harmful EMFs. We recommend the following palm stones for protection:

3. Yoga, Prayer and Meditation - one of the best ways to enjoy a palm stone's vibe is to use it during your daily spiritual practice. There are various stones with high vibrations that can help us enter deep states of meditation. Palm stones can be also efficient during your yoga session or for prayers, as the energy of the crystals will facilitate the resonance with positive universal energies. We recommend the following palm stones for yoga, prayer, and meditation:

4. Healing - energy healers, crystal therapists, Reiki masters often use palm stones during their healing sessions. You can also experience the healing benefits of palm stones by placing them on your body, on the area you want to heal. Another simple way is to make healing crystal patches.
The best palm stones for healing sessions:

5. Regeneration - when you get too embroiled in your daily activities, symptoms like tension in the neck and shoulders, anxiety, fatigue, and sleeping problems are signs of needing to relax and recharge your batteries. Schedule 10-15 minutes of relaxation during your daily programs to recharge and give yourself a quick energy boost. Using palm stones will make your relaxation more efficient.
Palm stones for relaxation:

6. Quality Sleep - undisturbed quality sleep is essential for your health and overall well-being. A simple way to improve your sleep quality is to fall asleep holding a palm stone, as the calming energy of the stone will induce a state of relaxation. You can also place palm stones under your pillow.
Here are some best palm stones that help with sleep issues:

7. Forgiveness, Love, and Self-Love - palm stones with a gentle, soft, soothing energy can help you achieve emotional balance and transform our negative emotions into compassion, self-love, or forgiveness. Tap into the following palm stones’ energies by keeping them nearby:

8. Work and Study - whenever you deal with a fog of mental exhaustion, it’s a sign that you need a refreshing break. Using palm stones will help you get back faster into a state of excellent focus and concentration. A few minutes of connection with these stones will help you return to work recharged and regenerated. Here are some of our recommended palm stones for mental focus and concentration:

9. Home decor - you can also display your favorite palm stones in your home or workspace to create a safe and energetically pure ambiance. These stones with a beautiful oval shape make excellent home decor elements. The following colorful palm stones will fascinate with their beautiful appearance no matter where you display them: