What Are the Best Uses for Palm Stones?

Hands are essential receptors; they help channel the crystals' energy through the body much easier; therefore, crystal palm stones are excellent tools for meditation, relaxation, protection, manifestation, and healing.

1. Palm stones are used as protective talismans - certain palm stones such as Shungite and Black Tourmaline have protective effects when we carry them as talismans. By carrying these palm stones with powerful protective energy in your pocket, purse, or bag, you can be protected by harmful EMF radiation and negative influences.

2. Palm stones are used for interior decor - palm stones have a beautiful oval or round shape. They will look great displayed in your home or workspace and will create an energetically clean environment.

3. Palm stones are used for yoga and meditation - one of the most popular uses of palm stones is for meditation, yoga or vizualization techniques. Many crystals can help us calm the mind, stay focused, and enter deep meditation states.

4. Palm stones are used during energy healing sessions - Reiki practitioners, crystal therapists, psychic mediums, and energy healers often use crystals during their energy healing sessions. Because of the palm stone's shape it's easy to work with them; it's also easy to place them on the area or chakra they want to balance and energize.

5. Plam stones are used to help with insomnia - quality undisturbed sleep is essential for our health and overall well-being. One of the popular uses of crystal palm stones with calming properties is to fall asleep holding them in the hand or place them under your pillow. The soothing energy of these crystal palm stones will induce relaxation.

6. Palm stones are used to improve productivity at work - an excellent mental focus and concentration are essential for work productivity. We can not work on our tasks with an agitated, confused mind. Palm stones are excellent tools for work because it's easy to hold them while we take a short break to relax, re-energize and improve our mental focus.