What are the best double terminated crystals for healing?

Double terminated crystals have a point at each end, and this particular shape allows energy to flow both ways. This is what makes these crystals the best for spiritual practices and energy healing. Their ability to absorb and release energy makes these crystals perfect tools to heal, cleanse, energize, and balance the aura and the chakras.

The most powerful double terminated healing crystals

  • DT Amethyst - amethyst’s healing powers help with emotional and physical issues, being an incredibly purifying, healing, and protective crystal. It helps with sleep disturbances, being able to rid the mind of negative thoughts and bring forth spiritual wisdom, sincerity, and humility. It also relieves stress and pain.
  • DT Clear Quartz - clear quartz or the Master Healer amplifies healing energy. This crystal is able to absorb, store, release, and regulate energy, therefore amplifying it. Clear quartz boosts the immune system and balances the entire body, being an excellent healer.
  • DT Rose Quartz - although this crystal is mainly known for its love-enhancing properties, it also provides calmness and comfort during times of grief, helps restore harmony and trust, and encourages self-esteem and trust.
  • DT Citrine - citrine brings enthusiasm, joy, and wonder, but it also helps you release negative traits such as fear and encourages optimism, warmth, clarity, and motivation.
  • DT Jasper - also known as the Supreme Nurturer, Jasper empowers the spirit and offers support through times of stress. This crystal also protects you from negative energy.
  • DT Obsidian - obsidian is an intensely protective stone, which shields you from emotional and physical negativity. It helps you get through emotional blockages and promotes clarity, compassion, and strength.
  • DT Turquoise - turquoise heals the soul, body, and mind, being seen as a good luck charm. It balances emotions while helping you find your spiritual grounding.
  • DT Tiger’s Eye - this crystal rids your body and mind of self-doubt, fear, and anxiety. It guides you towards harmony and balance so you can make conscious and clear decisions.

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