What are the best crystals for pendulums?

Pendulums can be found in a variety of materials, such as glass, metal, wood, or crystal. Although each of them has its own properties and benefits, many believe that crystal is the best material for a pendulum. This is because crystals can receive, contain and amplify and transmit energy, which is used to detect even the slightest hint that your subconscious might be giving out. This means only one thing: it’s perfect for finding answers.

When it comes to what crystal to choose, it’s only a matter of personal choice. Choose a crystal pendulum that you feel drawn toward, one that you feel comfortable using. Although any crystal would work as a pendulum, there are still some more frequently used due to their specific benefits.

Top 5 crystals to be used as pendulums

  • Rose quartz – this crystal has its power centered on the heart and pure love. That is why it can make the perfect pendulum for those who need guidance to make choices in their love lives or who want to promote understanding and peace within the decisions they make.
  • Amethyst – this purple stone is a very strong spiritual crystal. It can open the crown chakra, promoting clear thinking, connecting to higher guides, and helping you embrace open thinking. Perfect for finding the answers hidden deep into your unconscious.
  • Goldstone – also known as the stone of ambition, this gem can assist you in attaining your goals. As the symbol of drive, ambition, and ingenuity, goldstone encourages a positive attitude and fills you with optimism, courage, and energy.
  • Picture jasper – this stone is perfect for meditation. It merges your consciousness with the hidden powers of the Earth. Picture jasper enhances your visualization skills, so whatever you desire or you put your mind to, you will find it easier to accomplish because it will become very clear in your mind.
  • Blue agate – linked to the heart chakra, this crystal helps you increase your energy levels so that you can be ready to receive the answers that you are looking for. Blue agate also lowers stress levels, improves concentration, and enhances mental function.

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