What are the best crystals for grumpy stones?

Usually, grumpy stones are made of rocks and clay, but the ones you can find at the Village Rock Shop are made of natural gemstones. The best crystals to be used for grumpy stones are the ones that not only remove and block negative energy but also make you feel happy, energized, and joyful. Of course, these are just a few of the benefits that grumpy stones have.

Happy crystals for grumpy stones

Lepidolite – known for its mood-stabilizing properties, Lepidolite is often used in anti-anxiety treatments. It stabilizes emotions, soothes the heart, and reduces depression and stress. Call on Lepidolite whenever you need a dopamine boost to feel happy and euphoric.

Ruby in Zoisite – this beautiful crystal is all about happiness, appreciation, vitality, abundance, and growth. It not only stimulates the heart to open to divine love but also helps to alleviate grief, despair, and anger.

Howlite – this crystal teaches patience, stimulates the desire for knowledge, and helps to eliminate pain, rage, and stress. It calms communication, encourages emotional expression, and facilitates awareness.

Strawberry Quartz - associated with communication, love, and purification, this crystal can help you grow spiritually. It releases any blockage that may stop your flow of positive energy and shields you from negative energies.

Labradorite - considered a tremendously spiritual stone, this crystal helps you regain your energy while creating a protective shield against negative energies. Labradorite tempers the negativity, enhances willpower and inner worth.

Amazonite – also known as the Hope Stone, this crystal is used to treat trauma, fatigue, and anything that might take energy away from you. It filters out stress and soothes energies in the home and at the workplace. Amazonite alleviates worry and fear, calms the mind, and transforms irritability and anger into positive actions.

Here are some of the crystal-made grumpy stones you can find in our shop: