What are the benefits of crystal face rollers?

Face rollers made of natural crystals had a skyrocketing popularity in the past few years. Crystal face rollers are traditionally made from jade or rose quartz, but nowadays you will find a wide array of crystal face rollers available on the market. These crystal tools are designed and created for a gentle face and neck massage. Some have two rollerballs, while others have a tiny rolling pin with rollers fixed to both ends of the handle.

Some of the benefits of using gemstone face rollers

Massaging the face with a crystal face roller has many benefits not only for the skin, but it can also reduce tension, stress and release stagnant energies, just like a body or feet massage would. You may also find it helpful to ease your headaches. Typically people use face rollers two or three times a week, for at least five minutes. However, to see the effects on your face and for longer-lasting lifting benefits, we recommend using them daily as a part of your morning and evening skincare routine.

Each crystal is unique, with a unique structure, properties, and benefits. Therefore, face rollers made of different stones come with some extra benefits. Each has excellent benefits for the skin, but while some of them help to relax the nervous system, others come with powerful cleansing energy that removes toxins, reduces inflammation, and supports skin regeneration.

Daily massage using a gemstone face roller has many benefits, including:

  • Improves blood circulation: massage with a face roller stimulates the blood flow to your neck and face, which will make your skin look healthier and brighter.
  • Improves lymphatic drainage: based on their personal experience some people consider that massage using face rollers stimulates the lymphatic system resulting in various effects such as a decrease in swelling, reduced face, and under-eye puffiness.
  • It can improve your overall well-being by reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Anti-aging effects: daily massage with a crystal face roller improves the aspect of the skin. When you roll upwards, against gravity, you keep lifting the muscles in the right direction resulting in a firmer, brighter, and healthier face. For better results combine the massage with the use of anti-aging cream, as the roller distributes the cream better.
  • Cools and calms your skin: to enhance these effects skincare specialists recommend storing the face rollers in the refrigerator as the cold tool wakes up a weary face in the morning or at the end of a hectic day if you have to attend an event, it will make your skin glow.
  • Prepares your skin for overnight renewal: we recommend an evening massage with face rollers made of crystals with soothing, cooling properties. It will calm, cool and regenerate your skin.
  • Better distribution of skincare products or sheet masks: when used with an oil or moisturizer massage with a face roller may facilitate the product go deeper into the skin. Many people use face rollers over a sheet mask to facilitate the penetration of the ingredients more deeply and boost their absorption.
  • Calms down the skin after peeling or after invasive or non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

Does it matter what type of crystal roller you use?

Yes, it does matter, just as it matters what gemstone jewelry to choose to wear on some days. Natural crystal rollers can be selected to match the continuously changing needs of your skin and your spirit. The best way to find out which face roller is suitable for you at the moment is to learn about the crystal’s properties and benefits. You can also follow your gut and choose the ones that attract you the most.

Some of the natural crystal rollers you’ll find in our shop and their benefits:

  • Rose Quartz face roller this gentle crystal has great properties that increase circulation to your skin, facilitate the production of collagen, calm sensitive skin, and promote lymphatic drainage, which helps to remove toxins from your body. It’s a soothing, gentle, nurturing stone; one of the best for natural face rollers.
  • Clear Quartz face roller this is the ultimate healing crystal. Massage with this face roller can help to tighten pores, cleanse and remove toxins and impurities from your skin, and improve blood circulation leaving you with refreshed skin.
  • Green Jade face roller this beautiful green gemstone is the traditional stone used since ancient times in China for face rollers and gua sha tools. Your will greatly benefit from the stone’s ability to help tone and firm your skin, stimulating lymphatic drainage and collagen production.
  • Howlite face roller - massage with a Howlite face roller provides radiance and better contour to your face. Howlite comes with calming, cooling energies that will help to calm and refresh your tired skin.

Those who choose a natural crystal face roller will most likely experience holistic effects such as revitalized skin and a sense of overall well-being. Choosing the perfect crystal face roller to complement the skincare routine is a personal experience for everyone.