What are the most popular stones formed by a meteorite impact?

One of the most popular stones formed by a meteorite impact is Moldavite. The stone is known for its intense energy that often causes various reactions such as dizziness, tingling in the hands, vibrations in the heart chakra area, intense heat flush on the face or in the body. These reactions are common in people who get in contact for the first time with Moldavite and the phenomenon is called "the Moldavite flush". Other popular stones available on the market are the Tektites, Impactite, and the Libyan Desert Glass.

These stones are solid pieces of debris from out of space, coming from asteroids, meteoroids, or comets, that strike on the Earth's surface, hitting an impact point and forming a crater. The minerals from the impact area are melted. As a result of various chemical reactions, new stones are created that are usually named after the locality in which they are found.

How to use stones formed by a meteorite impact?

According to crystal therapists and energy healers, these stones have intense energy and provide various benefits. These stones can be used mainly for spiritual practices, meditation, yoga, prayer, or energy healing as most of them have intense energy. You can easily integrate meteorites into your everyday life by wearing jewelry made of meteorite stones, holding them in your hand during meditation, placed on your body will strongly energize it, displayed in your home will infuse the space with high vibration.

Some of the benefits of meteorites:

  • attract synchronicities
  • aid in spiritual growth
  • assist in spiritual transformation
  • help to perceive messages from the astral realms
  • aid in releasing negative mental patterns
  • help to connect you with your spirit guides
  • aid in awakening the Kundalini energy
  • help to connect to the energy of planets or stars
  • clear energy blockages
  • promote self-awareness
  • awaken self-healing abilities
  • strengthen and protect the aura
  • dissipate negative energies
  • enhance psychic abilities