How to use my palm stones?

Are you wondering how to use your palm stones? It’s pretty simple. Because of their oval or round shape, palm stones are easy to hold. Your hands are essential receptors, and they will facilitate channeling the stone’s energy through your body.

Follow the list below and choose the method that fits your needs. No matter what is your intention, it takes only a few minutes each day to tap into your palm stone's vibe and give yourself an energy boost. You can also use your palm stones to help you cleanse yourself of destructive thoughts or emotions, recharge yourself, reinforce your mind with positive thinking. Here are the most common uses of palm stones and the simple steps you need to follow in order to benefit from the stone's energy.

How to use your palm stone during prayer or meditation

One of the most common ways to enjoy the benefits of palm stones is by meditating or praying with them in your hands. We recommend crystals with a calming, relaxing energy that will help you enter a peaceful and calming state of mind, provide clarity and facilitate the connection with your higher self. Follow these simple steps for successful meditation:

  • Hold your palm stone in your hand and focus your attention on feeling the energy of the stone
  • Connect to the energy of your palm stone and start your prayer or meditation

How to use your palm stone for healing

An efficient way to use your palm stone is by creating a healing patch out of it. You need to tie the palm stone on the region or chakra area you want to energize and heal. Keep the healing patch on for up to 4 hours. You can create a healing patch by following these simple steps:

  • Place your palm stone on the affected area
  • Take a clean cloth made of natural material tie it around the body part with the palm stone inside

How to use your palm stone for better sleep or lucid dreams

Palm stones are efficient natural tools to aid with sleeping problems, as they can induce a state of calm, peace, and relaxation. You can also program your palm stone to help you with dream recall or conscious dreaming.

  • Program the stone with the intention, when you go to bed, hold your palm stone, connect to its energy
  • Place the palm stone under your pillow and maintain the resonance with the stone's energy

How to use your palm stone for manifestation

You can program and activate your palm stone to support you in achieving your goals. No matter what you wish to manifest in your life - love, health, abundance, success, self-confidence - there are various stones to support you. Follow these simple steps:

  • Hold your palm stone in your left palm and set a powerful, clear, and specific intention to help you achieve your goal
  • Display your stone on your work desk as a reminder or carry it with you throughout your day