How to use a double terminated crystal?

A double terminated crystal sends and receives energy. That is why this type of crystal can be used in any application where you need the energy to flow in both directions. Among some of the most common uses of double terminated crystals, we can mention promoting dream recall and psychic abilities, helping with manifesting and spiritual development, but also maintaining balance on all levels.

Using double terminated crystals step by step

  • First, you need to choose the crystal that best suits your intention and focus on it.
  • To bring stability and balance, but also to clear out blockages, you can place a double terminated crystal between the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra.
  • Meditate with a double terminated crystal placed on your crown chakra to balance the yin and yang energies and to find balance if you are struggling with external and internal contradictions or paradoxes.
  • Place a double terminated crystal between you and your partner while meditating to balance the energies between the two of you and to find a resolution if you are experiencing a conflict. This will enhance compassion, empathy, and understanding between you and will strengthen your bond.
  • You can also hold such a crystal between your thumb and index fingers to promote feelings of love, security, safety, and peace. Drawing the crystal above your heart will promote feelings of power and confidence while drawing it over your belly button will give you a feeling of inner peace. Allow the energy of the crystal to flow through your body, healing you and clearing all negative energy. Once you complete your meditation, you will instantly feel that the heaviness in your body has lessened.

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