How to use a crystal skull?

For thousands of years, crystal skulls have been used as guidance, for divination and healing. A crystal skull is very powerful, that is why it is crucial to learn how to correctly use it. It can help you get in contact with wisdom and knowledge from lost civilizations, connect with spiritual teachers and guides, ancestors, and ascended masters, but also to awaken one’s psychic abilities.

When a crystal skull is used for self-discovery, it can open pathways of personal growth and enlightenment. Crystal skulls have powerful healing properties and they release an extreme amount of energy.

Using a crystal skull step by step

1. Cleanse the crystal skull

Before using a crystal skull it’s important to cleanse it. Cleansing helps clear and release any unwanted or negative energies from it.

To cleanse a crystal skull, you can use sound through singing bowls, chimes, tingsha bells or special music. You can also cleanse it with prayer, vibrational energy work, or smudging. Some crystal skulls can be cleansed with sunlight, moonlight, or water, depending on the type of crystal the skull is made of.

2. Activate the crystal skull

After cleansing it, you have to activate the crystal skull to awaken and turn on its unique energies. To activate your crystal skull's energies you can use music, vibrational tuning or place it together with other crystal skulls.

3. Create the perfect space and find the right meditation position

You should cleanse the room with a sage smudging stick to create the perfect environment for meditation. You can use other crystals too, Mala beads, play peaceful meditation music in the background, and use any sacred items that will fit the purpose of your mediation.

4. Focus on your breathing

Mindful breathing is a powerful mindfulness meditation practice. The idea is to focus on your breathing—to its natural rhythm and flow and the way it feels on each inhale and exhale. This will relax not only your body but your mind too.

5. State your intentions

Crystal skulls can be directed and programmed by desired intention. You can also place a photo, a word, intention, or affirmation under the crystal skull or, to make it more powerful, place it in the center of a circle surrounded by 12 crystal skulls. The crystal skull will amplify the energy of that affirmation or intention and act as a magnet, drawing that reality to you.

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