How to use a crystal pendulum?

A crystal pendulum is used as a tool to connect to your source and higher self by asking questions that will clarify, guide, and raise your awareness. You can use a crystal pendulum when you need connection, a little more clarity in a specific situation, or a better understanding of something.

You can ask a crystal pendulum simple or complex questions about health, love, life, money, or career, but remember, it can only answer "yes" or "no" questions.

A step by step guide


As any crystal, a crystal pendulum needs to be cleansed too. You can choose whatever method you want, whether it is placing it under the sun or the moonlight, cleansing it with sage, soaking it in salt, or holding it under the cold tap water.

Choose Your Questions

It’s better to have more questions prepared. If it’s your first time using the pendulum, you should start with questions that you already know the answers to. “Is my name Jane?” “Is it sunny outside?”, “Is the banana yellow?” This way, you not only learn how the pendulum moves according to the yes and no answers, but you also connect with it at a deeper level and sync your energies.

Learn How It Moves

Pay attention to what is 'yes' and what is 'no.’ Figure out how the crystal pendulum speaks to you. Relax your mind and take a couple of deep breaths to clear your spirit and body. Hold the pendulum from its chain with your dominant hand and start asking the simple questions mentioned above. The pendulum will start to move in circular motions, horizontally or vertically. Ask as many questions as you need until you figure out exactly which is ‘yes’ and which is ‘no.’

Be Open

When you use a crystal pendulum is similar to meditation. That is why you should be relaxed, calm and allow it to communicate with you. Be open to receiving its information. In the beginning, the answers might not be that clear to you. It might take some time until you will build a relationship with your crystal pendulum. Try not to force your mindset in one direction, as this can influence the pendulum.

Sometimes you might think that your pendulum is not working because it does not offer you any answers. This may happen either because you still do not know how to interpret its 'yes' and 'no' answers, you are stressed, feeling negative, or you do not give it enough time to answer. In this situation, simply cleanse the pendulum and start over. If this does not work either, that specific crystal pendulum might not be the right one for you.

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