How to use a crystal Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a skincare tool used for deep facial and body massage. Massage with Jade or Rose Quartz Gua Sha has been used in China since ancient times.

Facial massage with Gua Sha can relax facial muscles, stimulate collagen production, increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Deep facial massage with crystal Gua Sha releases tension, congestion, soothes, and rejuvenates the skin.

How to Use a crystal Gua Sha tool in my Skin-Care routine?

Using your Gua Sha tool for a facial massage once or twice per day is perfect for enjoying its benefits thoroughly. There are various shapes of Gua Sha tools; smaller shapes are for smaller areas around the eyes and mouth. Bigger Gua Sha tools are used for cheeks, forehead, neck, and other body parts.

  • For your morning skincare routine, use it under the shower; the warm water will work well as a lubricant. Press-stroke gently all over your face. Facial massage with your crystal Gua Sha in the morning can quickly reduce puffiness and tone up the facial muscles.
  • For your evening beauty routine, cleanse your face, then gently massage it with your Gua Sha; use natural massage oil as a lubricant for the massage. A Gua Sha massage stimulates vital energy points around the face, helping eliminate stagnant energies and toxins.

What are the basic steps of the Gua Sha massage?

Facial massage specialists recommend scraping each area 5-10 times only, to prevent damaging the skin or causing inflammation. Also, the skin around the eye is thin and sensitive, so specialists recommend scraping it only twice a week. Those who have sensitive skin should not massage their face with this tool too often. For those who have irritable, sensitive skin we recommend using Gua Sha tools made of crystals with a cooling, soothing energy.

  1. Press the tool gently all over your face, neck.
  2. Gently hold the Gua Sha under each eye and over each eye, with the lid shut.
  3. Starting at your neck, press-stroke to drain excess fluid into the lymph glands.
  4. Angling the Gua Sha at 45 degrees in the direction you want to work, use the rounded edge to press-stroke your face and forehead.

Recommended crystals for Gua Sha tools for face and body massage: