How to use effectively a crystal massage wand?

The rounded end of a crystal wand can be used for massage, while the pointed end is used to apply pressure to reflexology points to stimulate the function of the corresponding organs. Before using, it's essential to program the crystal wand for its intended purpose.

Massage with crystal wands can be used for relaxation, regeneration, energization, stress relief, pain relief, anti-aging face massage, and balancing on multiple levels. During the massage, the crystal wand transmits its energy to the body, and it is believed that the crystal's energy triggers the body's ability to heal itself.

Massage wands for energy cleansing

You can cleanse negative energies and remove energy blockages in the body by drawing them out of the affected area.

  1. Hold the wand over that area and draw a spiral in the air, waving the wand in a counter-clockwise direction.
  2. Recharge the affected area with positive energies by holding the crystal wand over the tensed area as you visualize high vibration healing energy coming through the crystal in a focused beam of energy.
  3. A crystal wand pointed away from the body will draw energies away, while pointed towards the body will channel positive energies in.

Crystal wands for relaxation and pain relief

Crystal wands can be excellent tools for healing massages. Gently massaging your body with a crystal wand will release the tension and transfer the wand's healing energies into your body. Polished round wands are the best ones for massages, as they will not scratch the skin. The shape of the wands enables the crystal to focus and emit its healing energy to a specific area or reflexology point.

Crystal wands for reflexology

Pointed crystal wands are excellent tools in reflexology where you can stimulate your body's pressure points. The wand's point directed to specific reflexology points can release tension, ease pain, and stimulate the corresponding organ's function. For example, after a long day, you can use your crystal wand to release tension accumulated on your neck, shoulders, or back. You can use the larger end of the wand for relaxing effects.

Crystal wands for facial massage and anti-aging therapy

Crystal facial wands are used to rejuvenate the skin by facilitating a lymphatic drainage massage, stimulating the oxygen flow, increasing the blood flow, facilitating toxins and tension release, calming inflammation, making the skin look brighter and healthier. The pointed end of the crystal facial wand is used to activate specific reflexology points. You can use the larger end of your crystal wand, gua sha, or face roller to massage your face cream or serum into your skin. If you have puffy eyes, place your crystal tool in the refrigerator for an extra cooling effect that will help minimize puffiness.