How to cleanse my meteorites?

Like any other healing crystals, meteorites need to be cleansed, programmed, and activated before they are used. Meteorites should be cleansed before you use them for the first time because they may carry negative energies from the people who touched them or from the places where they have been stored, and then, periodically, whenever you feel necessary to cleanse them from the negative energies they absorbed.

There are numerous ways which you can use to cleanse meteorites, each one equally efficient. 

6 ways to cleanse your meteorites

1. Water – whether it’s seawater, running water, rain, or river, this is an effective way to cleanse your meteorites. Water washes away all the negativity from the stones, purifying them. If you can, leave the stones in the rain, a river, or a stream for 12 hours or in a bowl of seawater or water mixed with salt.

2. Smudging – by burning sage, you will remove all the negative energy from the stone and its surroundings. Whirl the sage smoke around the meteorite and envision how the negative energy is drawn out.

3. Soil – if you have this option, you can bury your meteorites overnight in your garden. This will not only cleanse the stone but also charge it.

4. Sunlight – another method to both cleanse and charge your meteorite is to expose it to sunlight. Just make sure you do not leave the stone for too long under the direct sun heat, especially Moldavite.

5. Moonlight– Lunar Energy is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of negative energy from meteorites. Make sure you place the stones under the moonlight during the Full Moon and leave them overnight.

6. Other crystals – carnelian and quartz, for example, are two of the crystals known for their purifying properties. Place these crystals over your meteorites and leave them overnight to draw out and clean all unwanted energies.

No matter what cleaning method your choose, while the meteorites are being purified, you can also program them to receive only loving, positive energy by visualizing them surrounded by white, bright light.

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