How can I program and activate my palm stones?

Get the most out of your natural palm stones by activating and programming them. Cleanse, recharge, program, and call them into service to enjoy their benefits fully. After you have cleansed your newly purchased palm stone, you should program and activate it, in order to unfold the stone's potential and enjoy all of its benefits. Start by connecting with the palm stone; visualize your own and your stone's energy field combining harmoniously. Assign your palm stone a clear and specific purpose, you can choose the one that fits your needs:

  • Support in your meditation or prayer
  • Assist in your healing process
  • Aid in chakra cleansing and balancing
  • Cleanse your environment
  • Attract prosperity and abundance
  • Attract loving, harmonious relationships
  • Inspire you at work
  • Support you during your study

How to program your palm stone with an intention?

Palm stones become powerful natural tools once you program them with an intention of your choosing. It is essential to manifest a specific, clear intention. Your goal can be anything you want to achieve.

Program your palm stone following these steps:

  • Hold the palm stone in your left hand.
  • Invoke a beautiful state - love, gratitude, happiness to elevate your vibration.
  • Program the palm stone for a specific purpose.
  • Visualize and feel┬áthe state of the intention already fulfilled.
  • Say aloud: "I dedicate this palm stone to the highest good. I intend to use it for....... in love and harmony."
  • You can also silently transmit your intention to your palm stone.

Simple ways to activate your palm stone

You can use various methods to activate your palm stones. Here are the easiest ones:

1. Reconnect your palm stone with nature. The crystal can soak up the energy of a pure natural environment - forest, park, beach, garden - recharging and regenerating.

2. Create an activation crystal grid, surround your palm stone with large crystals. Your palm stone will absorb the energy of the other crystals, resonate with their frequency, and become activated.

3. Use the power of visualization. Bathe your palm stone in white light, maintain this vision for 5-7 minutes.