How do pendulums work?

For centuries pendulums have been used to search out the invisible and to give us the answers that we have been looking for. A crystal pendulum changes direction so that it can answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to our questions. You can ask a crystal pendulum any question, no matter how simple or complex, and no matter if it’s about career, money, love, or health. The only condition is that the answer you expect is either ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

But what is the science behind a crystal pendulum? How does it really work? And more importantly…

Where do the answers come from?

A crystal pendulum receives and transmits information from unseen influences. That is why a crystal pendulum can be used not only to offer short answers to your questions but also to clear up negative energy from a room, to find water sources or lost items.

A pendulum taps into your own intuition. Usually, we already have the answers to our questions buried deep inside of us. This clever little tool can get into the depths of our brains and get to our own truth. This is how crystal pendulums work on a surface level, but on a deeper spiritual side, they connect with your guardian angels, spirit guides, and other unseen energy forces.

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