Do tektites have healing properties?

Tektites are popular mainly due to their metaphysical properties. It is still a mystery how these rocks formed and what properties or benefits they have. Many energy healers and crystal therapists believe that these stones have high-frequency energy and can be used as powerful tools for energy healing.

Tektites are used mainly for spiritual healing

Most of these stones are considered mystical since ancient times and used for psychic protection against negative entities and influences or spiritual practices, such as rituals or meditation. Many of these meteorites have intense, powerful energies, and resonate with high-frequency universal energies, therefore are valued for their spiritual healing properties.

Moldavite is a popular Tektite, known for its metaphysical properties such as:

  • attracts synchronicities into your life
  • aids in spiritual awakening
  • assists with spiritual transformation
  • helps to perceive messages from the spiritual realms
  • aids in releasing old mental patterns
  • purifies the Heart Chakra
  • helps to awaken clairvoyance
  • facilitates the connection with spirit guides
  • aids in awakening the Kundalini energy

Black Tektites, often referred to as just Tektites, can be found on different strewn fields in Australia, South East Asia, Ivory Coast in Africa, or the Philippines.

Energy healers believe that Black Tektites can be used for various purposes, including:

  • awakening telepathy and clairvoyance
  • expanding consciousness during meditation
  • energizing and cleansing the chakras
  • encouraging positive emotional transformation
  • aligning the energy flow through the meridians
  • removing any energetic blocks