Do meteorites have healing properties?

Meteorites are considered sacred stones with supernatural powers which aid in spiritual, emotional and physical healing. These stones are debris from comets, asteroids, and meteoroids which manage to get the Earth’s atmosphere as precious healing gifts for us to benefit from.

When it comes to meteorites’ healing powers, it is believed that they contain very rare energy that can help their carrier be mentally and physically strong.

Using meteorites for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing

  • Physical Healing - On a physical level, meteorites are believed to be able to address anemia, purify the blood and keep the body strong during long physical sickness. Meteorites can be used daily to relieve stress, improve your focus and free your mind of the mental burden.
  • Emotional Healing – meteorites help your keep your emotions and feelings in balance and lead you towards a better understanding of the self in order to reach a deep meditative state. It is believed that these stones can give you a new direction in life while providing you the courage and strength you need to face pressure and difficulties.
  • Spiritual Healing - meteorites can connect you to the cosmos and help you access your psychic and clairvoyance abilities. These stones can be used to balance and align your energetic fields and expand your consciousness beyond the current boundaries.

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