Reiki with Ixtlaly

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Price: $60 for 1hr

Village Rock Shop

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Reiki healing sessions for cancer patients are available in Carlsbad Village, CA*

Schedule: February 16th 2020, March 15th 2020.

*Please contact Ixtlaly at 760.908.2728 to schedule by calling or text message or on social media - IG @ixtlalygruny and Facebook

Reiki Sessions & Health Coaching With Ixtlaly in Carlsbad, CA

Ixtlaly Gruny is a Certified Reiki Master & Holistic Health Coach offering her services at a discounted price to all cancer patients. Reiki distance healing for cancer patients that cannot make it to the shop. Ixtlay has over 4 years experience in Reiki and Health Coaching offering her services in Carlsbad Village. Come experience what Reiki is like and see how it can change your life.

  • Breathing & Relaxing
  • Focused on Intention & Healing
  • Stress Relieving
  • Healing Energy Crystals
  • Essential Oil Therapy
  • Meditation & Self Love
  • Holistic Cancer Support Group

Discounted Cancer Patients Reiki Healing Sessions with Ixtlaly in Carlsbad, CA

She offers a healing environment that facilitates love and gratitude, all while empowering others to find what works for them on their journey to health. Her own journey with holistic health began in 2015, when she was diagnosed with cancer. Her life after that has been about self-love, stress relief, and eating more plants. She hopes to bring what she has learned to others by providing a safe space and a listening heart.

Ixtlaly lives in beautiful Carlsbad, CA with her husband, son, step-daughter, and two chihuahuas. She is a Marine Corp veteran and also volunteers with Bridge Hospice, offering emotional support as well as Reiki to former military and hospice patients. Ixtlaly one day hopes to open up her own nonprofit organization, which will offer many holistic treatments to cancer patients.

How Ixtlaly Relieves Stress Through Reiki Sessions?

Besides the Reiki Session, Ixtlaly will teach you techniques to meditate and slow your body down and focus on healing. She will also help you start scheduling and journaling so you can be organized and focused. Self love techniques, self care and putting yourself first so you can take care of others.