Moon Phases Stud Earrings
Moon Phases Stud Earrings

Moon Phases Stud Earrings

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About this product

We are always inspired by the moon. This particular representation of the lunar phases is a common symbol for the feminine divine: maiden, mother and crone. the 4mm mother of pearl "stone", connects the symbol of the moon to the ocean.

Measuring 1cm in length with a 4mm mother of pearl. The earrings are made of gold plated brass. The gold is 7-10 mil (heavy gold plated). Designed and assembled in Sonoma California.

Made of 24k gold over brass.  100% made with love in the USA.


Sterling silver or 24k gold over brass


Gold Plating

Our plating is a genuine fine 24k gold. The gold is applied to a base metal (brass in this case) in a very thin layer. Gold plated jewelry is an affordable option to solid gold. You can lengthen the life of the gold layer by removing your jewelry when swimming in pools and especially the ocean. Also while exercising. Salt and chemicals break down the gold layer. Do not use a polishing cloth with chemicals to clean plated jewelry as the gold will rub right off.

Sterling Silver

Silver will always oxidize over time. Silver cleaners are available in most grocery stores or pharmacies. 


Everyone loves the warm, earthy color of brass. Although brass will oxidize over time, you can always polish it up with a polishing cloth or brass cleaner.  You can also seal it with clear nail polish or a jewelry sealer and that will prevent it from tarnishing.


1/2x1/4 inches

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