Moldavite Stud Earrings

Moldavite Stud Earrings

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Moldavite was created 15 million years ago from the impact debris of a meteor striking the earth's surface in the region of south Czech Republic. It is a much-sought stone because it's one of the highest frequency meteorite impact stones ever found. Moldavite earrings will definitely add an extravagant touch to your outfit.

Benefits of Wearing Moldavite Earrings:

  • infuses your aura with high vibrational energy
  • rises your overall vibration
  • helps to elevate your consciousness¬†
  • promotes spiritual growth
  • eases the connection with extraterrestrial beings

Note: All Moldavite jewelry pieces are unique in their own way, you will receive Moldavite earrings similar to the ones posted in the picture.

Approximately 0.5 inches for each earring, silver plated wiring.

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