Sodalite Dreamcatcher - Intuition

Sodalite Dreamcatcher - Intuition

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The Sodalite Intuition Dreamcatcher features a genuine white leather-wrapped hoop. The dreamcatcher’s web is adorned with small Sodalite stones, having a tumbled Sodalite in the center. It features long strands with Sodalite beads and small feathers gracefully hanging beneath. All of our dreamcatchers have a unique design and handcrafted.

Meaning and benefits of its components:

  • The 4x 14-inch white hoop - represents the circle of life
  • The web - catches the bad dreams and nightmares
  • The white natural feathers - let the good dreams slide down
  • Sodalite beads - arranged in a circular design gives more energy to the central stone, enhancing its energy
  • Sodalite pendulum in the center - gathers the energy from the beads and focuses it down above your head
  • Sodalite’s properties - it is a very calming crystal, excellent for children and adults struggling with stress and anxiety. It enhances intuition, brings a sense of peace, and calm, for hyperactive minds. The stone's soothing energy can induce a state of relaxation, getting you ready for a good, undisturbed sleep. The stone’s high vibrational energy drives away bad dreams and nightmares.
 Handmade with love.

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