Rose Quartz Moon Dreamcatcher - large
Rose Quartz Moon Dreamcatcher - large

Rose Quartz Moon Dreamcatcher - large

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The Rose Quartz dreamcatcher has a unique design, it was handcrafted using only organic, genuine materials by local artists. It features a genuine leather-wrapped hoop, having a beautiful Rose Quartz crystal beads hanging below the web. It features long strands with light brown feathers hanging beneath.

Meaning and benefits of its components:

  • The 8x23 inch leather-wrapped moon shaped hoop - represents new beginings, self love and feminine energy
  • Web - catches the bad dreams and nightmares
  • Small natural light brown feathers - let the good dreams slide down
  • Rose Quartz crystal beads - can calm emotions, reduce excessive worries, and anxiety, bringing a sense of peace and serenity, helping you to fall asleep and have an undisturbed good night's sleep. The crystal emanates an energy that covers the bed length, infusing your aura with gentle, soothing energy while sleeping.
 Handmade with love.

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