White Druzy Quartz Moon Pendant - silver
White Druzy Quartz Moon Pendant - silver

White Druzy Quartz Moon Pendant - silver

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White Druzy stones can open the gate of self-love and self-appreciation. This crystal realigns the way of thinking to appreciate and acknowledge the unique powers, features, and talents. These stones help you establish a balanced way of life with their energizing vibrations. Due to these qualities, the crystals can induce calm and peace even on the most stressful days.

Benefits of wearing the White Druzy Quartz Moon Pendant:

  • guides to take a deeper look
  • inspires us to invest in ourselves
  • eliminates stress
  • facilitates self-acceptance
  • aids depression and anxiety
  • helps navigate life
  • increases imagination
  • stimulates new original ideas
  • induces empowering energy
  • awakens the healing powers within

Note: All gemstones are unique in their own way, there are no two alike. You will receive one pendant that is similar to the ones in the image posted. Comes with a chain.

Approximate size of the crystal is 0.75 inches long.

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