Mother of Pearl Pendant

Mother of Pearl Pendant

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Mother of pearl is often associated with qualities such as strength and protection. It's believed to offer a shield of protection. Its iridescent and resilient nature is thought to bring a sense of security and strength to the wearer. This shimmering material embodies an essence of fortitude and acts as a reminder of the inner strength and resilience within oneself, making it a symbol of protection against negative energies and a conduit of inner strength.

Wear Mother of Pearl to:

  • protect and shield your energy
  • bring inner strength
  • reminder of resilience

Note: All gemstone necklaces are unique in their own way, there are no two alike. You will receive 1 necklace that is similar to the ones in the image posted.

Approximately 0.25 inch mother of pearl size, 18 inches gold plated chain, brass moon charm.

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