Layered Star Necklace

Layered Star Necklace

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Wearing a layered star necklace is an affirmation of radiance and positivity, helping you shine bright and illuminate the world with your energy. This celestial adornment serves as a constant reminder to radiate positivity and attracting good vibes. With every glimmer, the wearer not only brightens their own spirit but also spreads warmth and light to those around them, creating a harmonious aura of positivity.

Wear the Star Necklace to:

  • raise your vibration
  • spread positivity
  • bring harmony

Note: Approximately 16-18 inches long adjustable chain, 18k gold dipped brass. You will receive 1 necklace that is similar to the ones in the image posted.

Pendant approximate size is 0.25 inches.

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