Amethyst Moon Geode Necklace - Gold Color

Amethyst Moon Geode Necklace - Gold Color

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Amethyst Geodes are one of nature's most potent healers; they emanate a calm vibe while working on the crown chakra, associated with the purple color. Spiritually, the top of the head is the door to a direct channel that connects our bodies to higher dimensions. When we open the crown chakra, we naturally raise our vibration, which brings us in touch with feelings of love, happiness, and compassion; it changes how we interact in the world and approach situations and people.

Benefits of wearing the Amethyst Geode pendant:

  • helps us to easily relax and unwind
  • soothes away nervousness and anxiety
  • removes emotional charges
  • helps us put things in perspective
  • balances our emotions - helps us set aside negative emotions
  • facilitates healthier thoughts about ourselves
  • soothes and stimulates at the same time
  • improves our inner strength and confidence
  • helps the nervous system to function more efficiently
  • helps us feel calm and uplifted
  • fights off depression
  • promotes feelings of collaboration

Note: All Amethyst gemstones are unique in their own way, there are no two alike. You will receive 1 Amethyst crystal pendant that is similar to the ones in the image posted.

 Crystal size is approximately 1.25x0.5 inches.

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