energy Healing Crystals & Gemstone Gift Shop in Carlsbad Village

2690 State St, Suite A, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Mon - Sun 10AM - 5PM

Soul Coaching and Angel Healing

September 14th 2019, between 10-5 pm

Price: $donation

Village Rock Shop
Village Rock Shop

Call to register: 760.626.8520
 Join Carina Ghionzoli for Soul Couching and Angel Healing Sesssions on September 14th 2019, between 10-5!

Once Upon a Time, there was a fun-loving, caring woman, named Diane. Diane was full of life and enjoying every moment until she wasn’t. 

Every day a particular someone in Diane’s life beat her down, making her feel less than human and not worthy of anything.

Until One Day, she was no longer willing or able to speak up. She gave up and began to believe whatever this person told her. 

Because of that, she felt resentment, bitterness, anxiety and especially anger. This affected her other relationships, and she lost friends. Family either did not invite her places or ignored her. She was in her own prison. 

Then One day, someone introduced her to a woman who could help her.

Finally, with the help of this gifted woman named Carina who healed from the Soul with Crystals, Angels, Tarot, Sound, Color and Writing. Diane could break out of her internal prison, feel worthy, speak up and speak out and is now free to enjoy life and healthy relationships once again.