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Prosperity Workshop Series

March 22nd, April 19th, May 24th 2020

Price: $donation

Village Rock Shop

Call to register: 760.626.8520
 Come and join us for a heart centered experience with Angelina Elliott.

Prosperity is a state of being that draws to you an abundance of opportunities, experiences, joy and fullfilment, as well as financial wealth.

It's a profound trust that life will deliver all that you want and need, beyond your wildest dreams. It's a delightful synchronization with the universal law of attraction to ignite your intuition, spark your creative flow and deliver the right connections to guide you on your soul path.

We will use Movement, Beathwork & Meditation to align the body & mind with the wealth of the universe. This Powerful Workshop moves deep into the subconscious mind to create new patterns of thinking and relating to prosperity.

Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls will set your prosperity consciousness frequency to harmonize with the infinite cosmic current.

This is a donation based event.
Must RSVP with Village Rock Shop as there are only 8 spots available!
Attendees will receive a special prosperity crystal!

This Prosperity Workshop is a Series of 3 dates: March 22, April 19th, May 24th 2020, between the hours 5-7 pm. Make sure you're available for all 3 dates and time before you RSVP.