Moon Dreamcatcher - car or Christmas ornament
Moon Dreamcatcher - car or Christmas ornament

Moon Dreamcatcher - car or Christmas ornament

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Transforming this mini dreamcatcher into a protection charm for your car or a delightful holiday ornament is a wonderful idea. Here's how you can use it for both purposes:

Car Protection Charm:

Hang the mini dreamcatcher from your car's rearview mirror using a thin, strong string or cord.

As you do so, set your intention for the dreamcatcher to provide protection and positive energy during your travels.

The white leather-wrapped hoop symbolizes purity and protection, helping to ward off negative influences.

The white strands with grey feathers can represent balance and harmony, ensuring a peaceful and safe journey.

The gemstone beads vary on what we have in stock and they not only add beauty but also bring their unique energies to enhance the dreamcatcher's protective properties.

Holiday Ornament:

During the holiday season, place the mini dreamcatcher on your Christmas tree or use it as a decorative accent around your home.

Its handmade craftsmanship and intention for positive energy make it a meaningful addition to your holiday decor.

The variation in gemstone colors can add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your festive decorations.

In both cases, it's essential to remember the intention with which the dreamcatcher was made: to bring positive energy and protection. You can even recharge its energy periodically by holding it in your hands and focusing on your intention, allowing it to continue its purpose.

Whether hanging in your car or adorning your holiday festivities, this mini dreamcatcher will serve as a beautiful reminder of the positive intentions and energies it holds.

Details about this mini dreamcatcher:

  • 1.5 x7 inch white leather-wrapped hoop - represents the New Moon
  • Moon-shaped web - catches the bad dreams and nightmares
  • Natural white feathers - let the good dreams slide down
  • Gemstone beads - have peaceful energy that helps calm an overactive mind and helps you relax.

 Handmade with love by us!

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