Empowered Goddess Kit - Higher Self

Empowered Goddess Kit - Higher Self

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From the maker: 

Are you ready to fully activate your higher self and stand in your divine goddess?  Then the higher self ritual kit is for you! this kit focuses on your crown chakra.

The crystal in this ritual set is Angel Aura Quartz.  This crystal promotes peace, tranquility, balancing and activating your Crown Chakra.  This crystal resonates strongly with a vibration that aids insight and connection with the divine realms and your Higher Self.  Carry this crystal during this time of intention and ritual.

Now its time to burn some palo santo.  This induces the mediation sate and connects your to Spirit. Then, draw yourself a bath and pour in the Higher Self Salt Soak.  You want to spend 20-30 minutes in the bath to allow the magic of this blend to fully extract what doesn't serve and to infuse the pure magic of activating your Higher Self.

During this time is this healing bath you will ask for old belief systems and ideas that are yours or absorbed from others to be dispelled out of the fabric of your existence. Take as much time as you need with this process.  Then, with your eyes closed, bring both of your eyes to your Third Eye (the center of your forehead between your eyes) and keep your focus here while you call in your Higher Self.  

Breath deep into your 3rd eye, bring your breath now down into your heart space clearing out all stagnate energy with the same breath and then out through your mouth.  Do this breath 10 times.

Rise off gently (do not use soap of any kind, remember this is a medicine bath).

Take the White Owl oil and roll some on your 3rd eye, heart space, and bottom of your feet.  This oil is a special blend that empowers you to trust your intuition and connecting to your Higher Self.  It allows you to easily connect with Spirit while feeling safe in your physical body.  This oil smells divine and you can feel the healing energy instantly!

Next, Burn your white candle and journal about what came up for you in your bath and meditation.  Continue to journal about what it looks like moving forward from this moment living in the frequency of Higher Self.  What does she look like?  How does she speak?  How does she show up for herself?  How does she Co-Create with Spirit?  ect.  Take as much time as you need with this process.  Unravel, uncover, discover, discard...

Continue to burn your Palo Santo on a regular basis to connect you to Source and to remember your Higher Self. Wear the White Owl oil on as much as you want and need. 

Remember to breathe deep sweet one.  You are Precious, Divine, and Limitless.

Here is what is in this kit:
  • Higher self healing salt soak awakens your divine feminine, allowing your psychic awareness and knowledge to come into focus and be celebrated. Use salt for a bath soak or foot soak.
  • White owl house blend oil is a special blend that empowers you to trust your intuition and connect to your higher self.  it allows you to easily connect with spirit while feeling grounded in your physical body.
  • Angel aura quartz promotes peace and tranquility, as well as balancing and activating your crown chakra.
  • White purity candle & votive will be burned during your ritual to call in your highest self.  take a moment to meditate with this candle and radiate at your highest and purest frequency.
  • All blends are made with pure grade essential oils. Ingredients are under specific product.


House Dram: Bergamot, Patchouli, and other high vibrational essential oils

Bath Soak: Dead Sea Salt, Tea Tree,  Lavender and other high vibrational essential oils

Made in USA

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