Coconut Candle - unscented
Coconut Candle - unscented

Coconut Candle - unscented

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The recycled coconut husk candle, crafted from coconut wax and unscented, is a sustainable and eco-friendly addition that brings a touch of the ocean's serene energy to any home or space. Made from repurposed coconut husks, this candle is a sweet reminder to use what nature makes available to us, to be sustainable and surround ourselves with organic treasures. The Coconut candle provides a subtle ambiance, ideal for creating a calming atmosphere reminiscent of the tranquil essence of the sea. With its eco-conscious origin and natural, unscented properties, this candle is perfect for infusing any space with the gentle, soothing vibes of the ocean.

Where to place the Coconut Candle:

  • Living Room: Set the coconut candle on a coffee table or side table to create a relaxed ambiance during gatherings or leisure time.
  • Bedroom: Place the candle on a nightstand or dresser to introduce a calming and serene atmosphere, perfect for winding down at the end of the day.
  • Bathroom: Utilize the candle to add a touch of tranquility during self-care routines or relaxing baths.
  • Office or Study Space: Enhance focus and a peaceful work environment by positioning the candle on a desk.
  • Meditation Space: Use the candle to aid in meditation practices or yoga sessions, fostering a serene and peaceful setting.

Note: You will receive 1 Coconut Candle similar to the images posted.

Do not leave any burning items unattended.

Size: approximately 4x2 inches.

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