Healing Time Candle
Healing Time Candle

Healing Time Candle

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Embark on a journey of rejuvenation and healing with our locally crafted Healing Time candle, lovingly handmade to infuse your space with tranquility and serenity. Formulated with pure soy wax, this candle serves as a conduit for restoration and renewal. Enveloping your senses with the delicate fragrance of organic blue tansy essential oils, it invites a sense of calm and balance to permeate the air. Lavender and purple sage flowers, meticulously incorporated into the wax, bestow their soothing properties, guiding you towards inner peace and relaxation. At its core lies the radiant energy of amethyst crystals, renowned for their healing properties and ability to promote emotional well-being.

Use the Healing Time candle to:

  • create a self care and self love routine
  • rejuvenate your energy
  • relax and decompress
  • incorporate peaceful moments in your day
  • harmonize your space

Note: All of out handmade candles are unique in their own way. You will receive 1 Healing time candle similar to the one in this image.

  • soy wax candle
  • handmade
  • natural
  • 4x3 inches size recycled container

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