Prehnite Butterfly Earrings
Prehnite Butterfly Earrings

Prehnite Butterfly Earrings

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These beautiful handmade Prehnite Butterfly Wings Earrings can give a touch of elegance to your look or make for a memorable and meaningful gift. The butterfly wings symbolize growth, transformation, rebirth, and freedom. In other cultures, butterflies have been considered to be heralds of good fortune and happiness.

Besides the deep meaning of the butterfly wings, the prehnite crystals used for making the earrings carry energies appreciated for the following benefits:

  • ward of nightmares
  • alleviate deep fears and phobias
  • encourages calmness and peace
  • improve intuition and self-trust
  • help with recalling dreams
  • heal the bladder and kidneys
  • open paths to higher communication
  • strengthen bones

By wearing these prehnite earrings, your aura will get infused with the stones' gentle and healing vibrations.

Size: approximately 1.5x0.5 inches.

18k gold plated

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